Ballet Volunteer Performance and Camp Report @ Ichihara

@@@@@ Performance Report @ Ichihara @@@@@

Saturday, 9th, February, 2013, the Ballet Volunteer Tokyo had a performance at a nursery home named Nukumorinosato at Ichihara city in Chiba prefecture. This is the Ballet Volunteer’s third trip performance, the first at Yugawara in Kanagawa pref. in 2010, and the second at Tomioka and Kanra in Gunma pref. in 2012.

Nukumorinosato runs several facilities like nursery homes, group homes, care houses, in Ichihara city. For our performance, around 100 people were gathered in a central facility.

15 Ballet Volunteer Members are involved in this performance, 7 female dancers, 4 male dancers, 1 singer, 1 sound technician, 1 lighting technician, and 1 helper. One dancer has 2 or 3 roles in one stage, so dancers are busy for changing costumes at the back stage.

1. Pas de six (Sleeping Beauty)
2. …to be continued (Original)
3. Challenge Ballet!
4. Departure on a fine day (Original)
5. sing sing sing (Original)
6. Like a waters of a river (Original)
7. Jazz Vocal “Sleepy Madonna”
(1) Over the rainbow
(2) Sentimental Journey
(3) Get out and get under the moon
8. Air on the G string (Original)
9. Matsuri (Original)
10. Finale

Let us introduce some of our new works. The Sleepy Madonna sang the “Over the rainbow” which is well known song from the musical movie, the“wonderful wizard of Oz”. We quickly arranged back dancers for “Sentimental Journey” and “Get out and get under the moon”.

Two reproductions to introduce, one is the“…to be continued” which was choreographed for Ballet Volunteer Performance, with a music of Shostakovich. On account of its comical and chic color, it is hard for dancers to reproduce the delicate nuance. Another reproduction is the “Air on the G string”, using well known music composed by Bach. Its acrobatic choreograph which needs female dancer under 40 kg, and fairly high ceiling prevent us its reproduction.

The works which mentioned (Original) above are all choreographed by professional dancers. We also have costume designers who make them without wages. The liting and sound technicians are also cooperate with high spec machinery.

We are honor to engage these professionals in our team which goal is to gratify the elderly and children. These good-natured wills by our collaborators give us good motivation to produce high quality performance.
Next performance as belows
Saturday 16 March, 2013 @ Concier Minamisenju (Adachi ward, Tokyo)









@@@@@ Ballet Volunteer Camp Report @@@@@

After the performance at Fureainosato, with a warm farewell by its employees, the Ballet Volunteer members took 3 cars to drive to Kuzyukuri beach for a overnight camp at the hotel “Sun rise” facing the mighty Pacific Ocean.

We all were starving as many dancers do not want to eat before a stage, we had a great shore dinner once we reach the hotel. Take a look this grilled turban shell.



Afterwards, some of members went to swim in the heated indoor swimming pool. They have a Olympic pool, a lazy-river pool, a paddling pool, sauna, and 2 spa pools. Special swimming lesson are done for beginners by our member who is good at swimming.

After taking public bath, we had a meeting for reviewing the day’s performance. As it happens the newly built facility, the floor slips enormously. A dancer fell down flat and several dancers slipped over and over. We could enjoy reviewing performance like a comedy film.

Next morning, some members were willing to wake up to see the sun rising at around 6:30 in the morning from the window of public bath. Some members took a walk on the beach.



Checking out of the hotel after breakfast, all the members went to strawberry picking at the Kondo strawberry farm. 30 minutes all you can eat costs \1,500. We got some strawberry picking experts among the members who gave us some useful advises like better to take off the jackets inside of greenhouse. We ate 9 different species of strawberries.



We went to a beach to see the Pacific Ocean in winter time and tried to take some pictures posing ballet in front of big wave.





We went to a fish market to looking for some clams, the specialty of this region, which regrettably appeared on the red list last year. 15 clams costs \1,000. Some members bought some roasted dried sardines another specialty of this region.


Then, we drive to Futtu city to take a fisherman’s lunch. Big tempura of prawns, congers, sillaginoid, and grilled clams, etc… We ate them with relish.





Here, we dismissed the third overnight Ballet Volunteer camp. We went through the high way called the Aqualine with the landscape of the sun setting over the sea and behind Mt. Fuji all the way back to Tokyo.


We are expecting some chances to have the performance trip to Tokyo environs. Please contact us if you are planning some performance event in the nursery home or day care center.


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