un-performance report, 14th Jan, Komadori day service.

The Ballet Volunteer Tokyo had an unfortunate announce that the heavy snowfall caused by bomb cyclone in Tokyo prevent us to have a first performance in 2013 at Takenotsuka, Adachi ward in Tokyo. This may be our first postponement on the appointed day in our history which start 1994.

Around 70 audiences were waiting for our performance at Komadori Day Service, and all of the dancers were gathered at Takenotsuka Station, but the roads were jammed and it was hard for us to reach the home.

Today’s programme we prepared as belows.

1. Spain (the Nutcrucker)
2. China (the Nutcrucker)
3. Pas de six (the Sleeping Beauty)
4. Red Riding Hood (the Sleeping Beauty)
5. Le Travail (Coppelia)
6. Princess Florine (the Sleeping Beauty)
7. Polovtsian Dancers (Prince Igor)
8. Sing sing sing (Original)
9. Departure on a fine day (Original)
9. Air on the G string (Original)
10. Matsuri (Original)

There were two new works, “le Travail” and “Polovtsian Dancers”. We would like to perform these works in next performance, and we also willing to perform at Komadori Day Service in near future.

Next performance:
Feb 2013
Saturday 9 February, 2013 @ Nukumorinosato (Ichihara, Chiba pref.)

Mar 2013
Saturday 16 March, 2013 @ Concier Minamisenju (Adachi ward, Tokyo)



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