Ballet Volunteer Performance report on 22th December

Saturday, 22nd, December, the Ballet Volunteer Toyo had a performance at the Ferie de Yokohama-Kamoi, at Kanagawa prefecture.

It was rainy and cold winter day, and we are expecting if we have a white Christmas this winter in Tokyo.

The Ferie de Yokohama-Kamoi is a beautiful nursery residence like a castle. The people in this home are all kind and seem enjoying their life. We benefitted from their power and had a heart-warming performance on the very special Christmas day.

We had 13 performances in 2012. We thank all the nursery homes and schools which called us to have performances this year, and we are honored to have so many Ballet Volunteer members who gave perfect performance.

Today’s program was as below.
Classic Ballet “The Nutcracker”
1. Spain
2. China
3. Trepak
4. France
5. Arabia
6. Mere Gigone
7. Waltz of Flowers
8. Sugar Plum Fairly
9. Finale
Jazz Vocals “The Sleepy Madonna”
1. Bei Mir Bistu Shein
2. White Christmas
3. My Blue Heaven
Contemporary Ballet
1. Like the Waters of a river
2. Matsuri
3. Finale

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IMG 8012

We have performance schedules for coming month as below.
1. Jan 2013
Monday (holiday),14 January, 2013 @ Komadori Day Service Center (Kita-Senju, Adachi ward, Tokyo)

2. Feb 2013
Saturday 9 February, 2013 @ Nukumorinosato (Ichihara, Chiba pref.)

3. Mar 2013
Saturday 16 March, 2013 @ Concier Minamisenju (Adachi ward, Tokyo)


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