Ballet Volunteer Performance report on 27th October

Ballet Volunteer Tokyo had a performance at “Jikonosato”, Health and Medical Services Center for the Eldery in Teikyo University in Kawasaki, Kanagawa-pref on Saturday, 27th of October, 2012.

This was 5th performance at this same venue. It is our great hounor to have performances successively at specific stage for 5 years. We could share a joy to meet again with several old ladies and gens who enjoyed with tears for our ballet performances as well as last year.

We had two new professional dancers joining us, as well as two new ballet pieces composed the choreograph by Mr. Hideki Nohara, which are “Departure on a fine day”, and “Csardas from Coppelia”. In addition, two new Jazz songs, ”Bei Mir Bist Du Shon” and “my blue heaven”

1. Spain from Nutcrucker
2. China from Nutcrucker
3. Trepak from Nutcrucker
4. Princess Florine from Sleeping Beauty
5. Pas de deux from Don Quixote
6. Csardas from Coppelia
7. Departure on a fine day (Original)
8. Jazz vocal session by Sleepy Madonna
(1)You’re my sun shine
(2) Bei Mir Bist Du Shon
(3) My blue heaven
9. Dolls Fantasy (Original)
10. Sing Sing Sing (Original)

Next performance will be held on Sunday 18th November, 2012 at Family Home Sunflower at Oji, Kita-ward, Tokyo.


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