Ballet Volunteer Performance report 30th September

We are Ballet Volunteer Tokyo. We produce a ballet performance at nursing home for the elderly or at nursery school for children, for people who cannot easily access theatres.
Ballet Volunteer Performance @Rest Villa Ozenj (Tama-plaza, Kawasaki, Kanagawa)

Sunday, 30th September, 2012 the Ballet Volunteer Tokyo had a performance at Rest Villa Ozenji (Tama-plaza, Kawasaki, Kanagawa). It was just before the typhoon attacked to Tokyo. 10 dancers, 2 singers, 1 sound technique presented this performance.

1. Pas de six (Sleeping Beauty)
2. Red riding hood & wolf (Sleeping Beauty)
3. Princess Florine (Sleeping Beauty)
4. Greensleeves (Original)
5. Mother Gigogne (Nutcrucker)
6. Dolls Fantasy (Original)
7. Jazz Vocal Session
(1)You are my sunshine
(2)Under the apple tree
(3)Get out and get under the moon
8. Matsuri (Fete)(Original)

Next performance of BVT will be held at Teikyo University Elderly Health Center, Kawasaki, Kanagawa on 27th October, 2012.



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